Please use the guides below to help you play your MB Quiz or Musiskill Bingo. If you are having any problems, please feel free to Contact Us.



First you will need two devices, these can be any two devices such as a Smartphone, a Tablet, Laptop or PC. The reason for this is one device will be used to view the interactive part of the quiz via the ZOOM. The second is used to input your answers.

For our Quizzes we use an app called Redtooth (or Speedquizzing for Thursday General Knowledge Quiz) this allows you to answer questions as they appear. Questions come in a variety of formats such as first letter of the answer, multiple choice, numbers and sequence question. The host will give you full instructions in the zoom before the quiz starts.


First you will need to visit the Zoom website and download the Redtooth or Speedquizzing App via the app store.

Zoom Log in details will be sent via the email address used to purchase your ticket. This will include a Zoom meeting ID, once on the website click Join a meeting enter the number provided and click join, each quiz will have a separate Zoom code, and we monitor the amount of people within to the Zoom to ensure this matches the ticket sales. Once you have clicked join you will be accepted into the meeting. You will be asked to choose a screen name please note these quizzes are family friendly and obscene names will not be permitted. Once in you must join via audio to be able to hear the host, do not worry all players are muted so you will not be heard. You can also choose to join via video this is optional and can be seen by all players. If you need to contact the host for any reason this can be done via the chat. PLEASE NOTE this chat is monitored and these quizzes are family friendly any unacceptable behaviour will be taken seriously and you will be kicked from the Zoom no refunds given.

Once you are all logged in you should then see the host or welcome screen depending on the time you joined the quiz, on screen will be your Redtooth login pin.

Once you have downloaded the Red tooth app you are ready to log in. Once in the Zoom meeting the pin will be visible, just simply enter this pin and pick a screen name, we do ask you enter the same name as you have chosen for the Zoom simply if we have any technical difficulties or have to manually add points due to the nature of some rounds this can be done easily.


LETTER QUESTIONS - These questions require you to know the answer with no choices given, we do not require the whole answer so do not worry about spelling we simply need the first initial letter that word begins with. However, we do not include 'A' or 'The' for example if the answer was The Lion King the response needed would be L. We also do not include titles if the answer was a name, and unless specified by the question we would be looking for the first name.

NUMBER QUESTIONS - Sometimes the answer may appear as a numeric response needed for example the year a song was released for these you simply input the number and click the submit button. Any response that has been entered and not submitted does not count as the app will not recognize the answer given.

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS - A list of options will be given all you have to do is simply click the answer you believe to be correct. Be careful though as you can not change your mind once you select and answer

SEQUENCE QUESTIONS- Simply click the answers that appear on your screen in order you believe the answer should be. A number will appear next to each choice once you click them so you are aware of the order you have selected. Once you are sure of your choice simply click submit. Just like number questions any response that has been entered and not submitted will not count.

Musiskill bingo

Musiskill Bingo is a game of both luck and musical skill. Your Musiskill Bingo host will tell you the winning pattern such as a line, two lines, blackout (full house) and then play you a selection of songs, as soon as you hear a song shown on your bingo card, you mark it off. The aim of the game is to mark off enough songs to get the winning pattern.

Your Musiskill Bingo host might make it easier for you to win the game by announcing the songs as they are played, or they might decide to be evil by making you identify each song before you can mark it off your bingo card.

Musiskill Bingo is toe tapping, foot stomping, hands waving fun – and of course we encourage you to enjoy the music and singalong with your friends, family and co-workers when playing – BUT don’t enjoy the music so much that you forget to shout BINGO when you get the winning pattern.

During Musiskill Bingo you can expect to hear classic hits from the last few decades and popular hits from the current top 100 singles. Themes include classic rock, cheesy hits, disco, reggae, party to name just a few examples. Your Musiskill Bingo host may even take requests for future games.